Automated Machines, Production Lines and Machinery


Devion s.r.o. company was founded in 2003 by combining the HW and SW experiences of two partners for the purpose of building fully or semi-automated work machines, production lines and machinery.

Our specialization is mainly customer-oriented single-purpose machines in the field of the food industry (completely anticorrosive).

We have gradually worked through all levels of the technological process:

  • construction of machine parts in 3D SolidWorks
  • CNC treatment and production of machine parts at all levels, including welding in a protective atmosphere
  • projection of electrical parts of working machines in Eplan Electric
  • programming of Fanuc robots, often using the seventh axis
  • programming of B&R control systems at all levels, including data exports to various superior and database systems
  • programming of camera systems for various applications
  • production of switchboards and HMI control panels and terminals
  • projection of pneumatic parts of working machines using Festo components
  • assembly and completion into a functional machine, including the implementation of Sick sensors (or others, as needed) with regard to the safety of working machines
  • complete technical documentation, including revisions and declarations of conformity
  • transportation, operator training, supervision during trial operation
  • remote management based on VPN + live camera
  • service work, warranty and post-warranty service

The purpose of our deliveries is to relieve the customer from solving partial problems in the technological production process and to deliver a comprehensive solution for the given application.