Automated Machines, Production Lines and Machinery


During many years of operation on the Slovak and foreign markets, the company Devion s.r.o. put hundreds of machines and equipment into operation. This fact requires a system of service activities, which we try to follow and improve, in order to ensure the best possible functionality and use of our machines for our customers with the least possible number of downtimes.

We offer the following types of service activities:

  • warranty service
  • post-warranty service
  • service of third party equipment

Based on the chosen level of emergency, the customer can choose the best and sufficient type of service at the same time.

A more precise definition of the offered service activities can be seen in the template of the Service Agreement draft- see button below.

Our company has a team of service technicians with relevant technical education and equipment who are ready to solve or analyse the problem with the Customer´s local technician by phone and with help of the remote access, or they are ready to travel to the destination, either in an urgent mode within 24 hours, or in the time span according to the customer’s request.

After the service intervention is performed, a Service Report (signed by both parties) is written, on the basis of which, if it was not a free warranty service, the invoice will be made.

A more detailed form, including the relevant rates (based on the valid Service Price List) can be seen in the sample Service Report – see button below.

The warranty period for the performed service is set for a period of 3 months from the date of the service intervention, while the warranty period for the supplied components depends on the conditions of the given subcontractor.